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SRRC Radio Type Approval Introduction

Effective June 1999, the Ministry of Information Industry(MII) made it mandatory for all equipment with radio module for sale and use in China to obtain Radio Type Approval. The State Radio Regulation Center(SRRC) which is under the MII is the only designated certification organization for Radio Type Approval. The State Radio Monitoring Center (SRMC) is the only designated testing organization .

At present, China authority has set special frequency range for different radio transmitting equipment. Hence, not all frequencies could be used legitimately in China. In other words, the radio transmitting equipment sold or used in China will be using different frequencies. Applicants should pay attention to the applied equipment’s restricted provision. Radio Type Approval as well as China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and/or Network Access License(MII) has to be applied.

Basic Application Document
  1. Original Application Form ”Radio Transmitting Equipment Model Application ”
  2. Applicant’s Business Registration Copy.
    Production Capacity, Technical Force & Quality System Certificate
  3. Model Technical Spec or technical Manual, Circuit Diagram or Schematic and User’s Manual
  4. Coloured Photo
  5. Copies of Foreign Approval Certificate required for imported equipment
  6. If application is handled by a party other than the applicant itself(including subsidiaries), The trustee should provide its business registration certificate and the original Radio Transmitting Equipment Model Application Power of Attorney.
  7. Original Type Approval Test Report which issued within six months by MIIT’s designated testing laboratory
  8. Copy of personal ID and employee identification of the Applicant or Agent’s Manager/representative.
Work flow
SRRC Work flow
Other information
  1. Issuing Authority:Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China(MIIT), The State Radio Regulation Center (SRRC)
  2. Only one model no. is listed in an SRRC Certificate
  3. CMIIT Code should be affixed on top of the label. “CMIIT ID:XXXXYZNNNN“
  4. Lead-time:8-10 weeks
  5. SRRC pricing is different with that of CCC. The application fee, testing fee, certification fee are not individually quoted. A 30~50 surcharge is collected for Urgent Projects
Sample of Radio Type Approval Certificate
SRRC Sample of Radio Type Approval Certificate