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China Certification Area

Besides the Compulsory Product Certification, China Quality Certification Centre is engaged in Voluntary Product Certification service (called CQC Mark certification). The products shall be verified to conform to the requirements of the standards of quality, safety, environment and performance only by using the CQC Mark its scope involves more than 500 products. The purpose of it is to protect consumers' personal and property safety, and maintain consumers' interests to improve the product quality of domestic enterprises and increase the product competitiveness in the international market to facilitate the smoother accession of foreign enterprises' products into the domestic market.

CQC Product Scope
1.Textiles , Shoes and Labor Protection Apparatus
3.Paper Products
4.Adjuvant and insecticide
5.Coatings and adhesives
7.6.Plastic and rubber products
8.Soap and cleaning products
9.Construction materials and decoration materials
10.Non-electrical Heating Equipment
11.Faucets valve and heat exchanger device
12.Pump and compressors
13.Air-Conditioning Applications and Heat Pump
14.Purify equipment for liquid and gas
15.General machinery and accessories
16.Electric tools and accessories
17.Electronical equipement
18.Environment pollution control equipment
19.Computer and information technology equipment
20.Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus
21.Motors,generating and accessories
CQC Application Document
  1. Application Form
  2. OEM or ODM processing agreement
  3. Authorization Letter
  4. Applicant, Manufacturer or manufacturing plant located in China should provide business registration document.
  5. Original CQC application
  6. CBcertification and report
  7. Circuit Diagram
  8. Schematic
  9. Label in simplified Chinese
  10. User’s Manual in simplified Chinese
  11. Safety & EMC component list
  12. Telecommunication port and frequency declaration
CQC Product Certification Mark
CQC Product Certification Mark

A flat ellipse composes the basic design. “CQC”---the English abbreviation of “China Quality Certification Center”, which stands for CQC’s mark certification, is labeled inside the ring.


a. Location of certification type label: As to indicate the type of the certification, the label of it is printed just under the core design. The label of certification type is composed by the acronyms of Chinese or English words that reflect the type of the certification. For example, “S” represents “safety”, and “ROHS” represents “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”.

b. Method of labeling compound certification: Compound certification means one product respectively gets through different kinds of certification, like compatible certification for safety and electromagnetic compatibility. Location of label is the same as the requirements in item “a”. Label acronyms of English words stand for multi-type of certification, and connect them with symbol “&”. For example, the compound certification for safety and electromagnetic compatibility is labeled as “S&E” in form.

c. The basic design in Pic1 applies to all sorts of certification for products, except for those announced to be with labels of certification type.

The color of the Certification Mark

a. The color of safety certification mark for of ecological textiles products is green(C80 M10 Y100 K0). The standard-size certification marks are of black design on a white background.

b. If the certification mark is printed and molded on the product(s) or the nameplate(s) of the product(s), the color of the background and that of the design can be reasonably altered so as to match the appearance of the product(s) or the nameplate(s) of the product(s). Certification holders should always make an efficient control on marks using and keep related records according to the prescriptions.