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China Energy Conservation Product Certification Center (CECP) EnergyConservative Certification

The certification for energy saving and environmental-friendly products is a voluntary program aiming to save energy and reduce emissions through stimulating manufacturers to produce more resource efficient products and helping consumers to make more sustainable purchase decisions.

In 1998, CECP began the energy conservation certification program with residential refrigerators. This soon expanded to more than ninety product categories covering home appliances, lighting, electronic, office equipment, industrial products, water saving products and environmental-friendly products. The voluntary Energy Conservative Certification had become CQC’s product certification line. A logo with “节”wording is affixed to certified products.

Energy Convservation Product Scope
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Application for Product Certification
  1. Company Authorization Letter
  2. CECPFactory Inspection Report
  3. Processing Agreement( should be identical with CCC)
  4. Copy of business license or the copy of the evidential document for registration
  5. Declaration letter of brand using
  6. CECP Confirmation Letter
  7. Trademark Certified Copy
  8. Trademark Authorization Letter
  9. CCC certificate and report
  10. List of key controlled components and materials
  11. Brochure
  12. Label with”节”wording in simplified Chinese
Procedures for Product Testing
  1. CECP shall determine the certification unit and sampling range and quantity according to the rules on the implementation of CECP product certification and send Product Sampling Notice to the enterprise;
  2. CECP shall designate the examination group or the working staff responsible for sampling and sample sealing; the enterprise shall be responsible for sending the samples to the testing institution designated by CECP.
  3. If it is necessary for site testing, the testing institution should send its personnel to the site for inspection.

Certification Flow
CECP Certification Flow
Assessment and Registration
Certification assessment shall be organized by CECP technical committee. Assessment basis mainly includes: Factory Examination Report submitted by the examination group and the Assessment Report worked out by CECP; Product Sampling Testing Report and the Assessment Report provided by CECP.
1.Certification Assessment
  1. CECP shall organize an assessment group to conduct comprehensive assessment on the results of factory examination and the results of product testing according to the assessment basis and sign on the certification assessment suggestions.
  2. CECP director shall make the judgment on certification registration according to the assessment suggestions of the expert assessment group. Product certification certificate shall be issued to the applicant and its products that meet the requirements on product certification.
  3. According to the assessment conclusion, CECP shall issue the Notice on the Result of Product Certification to the applicant.
2.Registration Formalities
The enterprise passed the product certification shall handle the following registration formalities after received the Notice on the Result of Product Certification:
  1. Sign the Agreement on the Use of Certification Certificate and Mark;
  2. Obtain the product certificate and handle the issues related to the use of the certification mark.
  3. Release certification notice.
Energy Conservation Certification Mark
Energy Conservation Certification Mark
Energy Conservation Certificate
Energy Conservation Certificate