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New regulation for Japan PSE Approval from July 1st, 2012

On July 1, 2011, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) made an announcement changing the scope of PSE to add LED lamps & LED lighting fixture, modify electrical rating scope of vacuum cleaner, and update construction scope of Li-on battery:

1. LED lamps and LED lighting fixture:

In the mandatory to the LED products that are already in the mandatory list eg., advertising lights, decorative lighting fixtures, pedestal lighting fixtures (Table lamp), hand lamp & garden lighting fixture.

"LED lamps" and "LED electric lighting fixtures are added into the scope. Only LED lamps and light instruments with a voltage between 100V~300V and a power rating greater than 1W that use 50Hz and 60Hz AC circuitry will be regulated.

METI Ministerial Ordinance No. 1 is currently the only safety and electromagnetic compatibility standard for LED product certification in Japan. The harmonized standards for METI Ministerial Ordinance No. 2 (JIEC) have not yet been published. For this reason, the IEC standard for LEDs is not accepted under the DENAN Law. All LED light bulbs and LED electric light instruments imported into Japan after July 1, 2012, must therefore conform to the Technical Requirements of METI Ministerial Ordinance No. 1.

2. Vacuum cleaner:

Rating scope expands to 1.5Kw from 1.0Kw Currently, “vacuum cleaners (limited only to the vacuum cleaners whose rated power consumption is 1kilowatt or less)” are subject to regulation. However, in recent years, vacuum cleaners, whose rated power consumption exceeds 1 kilowatt and which maintain stronger suction power, have become popular in general households and more and more accidents are occurring. Therefore, the PSE scope will expands to 1.5KW from 1.0Kw.

3. Lithium battery with specific structure (eg., Battery cell without enclosure)

In response to the rapid increase of smoke or fire related accidents resulting from lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries were added as regulated products in 2008. However, a certain grace period (about two years from November 2008) was set for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with special structure, in order to give business operators time for preparation of design change, etc. The grace period has expired recently and “lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with specific structure”, which had been excluded from the scope of regulation until this time, are newly added as regulated electrical appliances.

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