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GB4943.1-2011 New Standard Announcement & Implementation
The new version of GB4943.1-2011 standard in regards ITE, telecommunication terminal equipment compulsory product certification was released on Dec 30, 2011 and will be implemented on Dec 1, 2012 to replace GB4943-2001 The relevant requirements of GB4943.1-2011 are listed below:

1. The applicant may apply for certification in accordance with either the new version of standard or the previous version starting from Nov 30, 2012. Since Dec 1, 2012, the new standard will be adopted for certification and previous versions of standard application will no longer be accepted.

2. For products that were certificated in accordance to the previous version. Previous version certificate holder should submit the application to convert to new version of standard certification from the date of announcement. Upon request, samples should be delivered for type testing and confirmation in accordance with the new standard. Enterprises should complete convert certificate application before the first factory follow-up inspection after implementation date. The previous version certificate will be temporarily suspended if enterprises fails to accomplish application before due date. All previous version convert application should be accomplished no later than Dec. 1, 2013. Certificates unconverted before due date will temporarily be suspended. Certificates will be revoked if enterprises do not apply for convert after May 1, 2014.

3. For certified products that had left the factory and placed into the market before Dec 1, 2012 and are no longer produced, certificate conversion is not necessary.

Notes for CCC applicants who are applying for certification with CB Report:

1. CB Report should consider test deviation between IEC60950-1:2005 and China standard. Additional testing will be conducted if deviation is not considered in CB test reports.

2. Due to additional requirement in regards climate condition and high-altitude are adopted in the new GB standard. The recognized components and materials in the CB report should also comply with GB4943.1-2011 requirement.

Below are the documents required for certificate conversion:

1. Illustration of the altitude the product is intended to be used.

2. Illustration of the climate condition the product is intended to be used.

3. User’s Manual, Label and warning that complies with the new standard

4. Certificate of Component should comply with the new standard or illustration that samples are sent for random test should be provided. For further details,

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