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Mexico Energy Saving new labeling requirement

Mexico Energy Saving Approval is implemented to increase energy efficiency and adhere to the green growth strategy. CONUEE (Energy Ministry) reviews test report and issues certificate, while PROFECO((Consumer rights ministry) conducts market survey.

This approval is compulsory starting from September, 2011. Manufacturers, importers or distributors are required to register power consumption at CONUEE & PROFECO and put information on the products. Mexican Government will claim a minimum penalty of USD 100, 000 per model to the manufacturer, importer or distributor for product under the mandatory list that does not have the label,.

Power consumption label requirement:

  1. The label should be in yellow background. Power consumption, Qty, Unit should be clearly indicated.
  2. Consumo de energia: Power Consumption in operating mode (Watts per hour) should be indicated
  3. (Consumo de energia en modo de espera): Power Consumption in the standby mode (Watts per hour) should be indicated.
  4. Labeling information could be affixed on the packaging or user’s manual for product that are too small to be labeled.

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