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Touch Current Test Introduction

Touch Current Test

Testing Purpose:
To ensure parts at human reach such as enclosure, terminals, etc..has noelectric shock risk.

Testing Method:

  1. EUT primary is U=1.06 or 1.1Un, F=Fn (upper), secondary circuits are disconnected from other equipment.
  2. Earth conductor of the EUT disconnected. EUT is placed on an insulated table or stand.
  3. Class II equipment or class II construction, the user accessible area is test by a metal foil 10cm X 20 cm.
  4. If Y-capacitor is provided, the test shall be conducted under max capacitance of the Y-capacitor that the manufacturer wishes to use and shall be recorded.
  5. Test is made with both Line and Neutral conductor. Power switch of the EUT, if any, shall be opened or closed in all possible position.
  6. Figure D.1 or D.2 is used as appropriate.

1. Please refer to Table 5A below



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