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Lithium battery UN38.3 test and packaging 1.2m drop test:

UN38.3 is named after the 38.3rd Section named “lithium battery test” in Manual of Tests and Criteria which was composed by the Committee of Experts of the United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods. It states that refined lithium battery or equipment containing lithium battery should undergo all testing indicated in section 38.3, exemptions are allowed only upon approved by competent authorities of the countries of origin. Lithium batteries individually shipped or shipped together with the equipment should undergo Package 1.2M Drop Test before transporting according to ” non-restricted items” transportation.

Certificate of Authenticity for Product Transport Condition

It is important to understand transportation risks to ensure safety transportation of goods during air transport, water transport, road transport and railway transport. Cargo transport condition appraisal is a cargo safety transportation evaluation and recommendation made in accordance with domestic and international regulation and standards in regards dangerous cargo transportation. Various types of battery testing required Number of Samples:
Test Item Required Sample Testing Time Remark
Lithium Battery UN38.3 Testing Battery Pack:20 Battery Set+10Battery Cell
Battery Cell:60pcs
1 month(including weekends, excluding legal holidays) Pls contact us to consult aboutBig Battery sampling qty.
Lithium Battery 50 times loop charge and discharge Rechargeable Battery Pack :10 pcs
Rechargeable Battery Cell:15pcs
10 Working Days Pls contact us to consult aboutBig Battery pricing, UN38.3 preparatory work.
Lithium battery 1.2M drop test 1 complete pack 2 Working Days
Lead-acid battery vibration, pressure, 55℃ leakage test 5 lead-acid battery 5 Working Days
Battery Transport Condition Appraisal 1 2 working days During the year
Other Various Battery Testing According to each standard According to each standard  

UN38.3 Test Time & Fee:

Test Name Sample Required Test Time
T1 Height Simulation   Rechargeable Battery Pack:4 pcs Initial cycle completely discharged Battery Pack +4pcs 50times cycle complete discharge Battery Pack
Rechargeable Battery Cell:10pcs initial cycle completely discharged Battery Cell
Irrechargeable Battery Pack:4pcs un-discharged Battery Pack+4 completely discharged Battery Pack
Irrechargeable Battery Pack:10pcs un-discharged Battery Cell +10pcs completely discharged Battery Cell
3 working days
T2 Thermal Test 10 working days
T3 Vibration 3 working days
T4 Impact 3 working days
T5 External Short Circuit 3 working days
T6 Impact Test   Battery Cell Test: (For Battery Pack, test battery cell to which the pack is composed of)
Rechargeable Battery Cell:5pcs 50% capacity battery cell after initial cycle
Irrechargeable Battery Cell:5pcs un-discharged battery cell +5pcs completely discharged battery cell
Remark:double sample qty required to test Prismatic battery
3 working days
T7 Overcharge Battery Pack Testing Only
Rechargeable Battery Pack:4pcs completely discharged battery pack after initial cycle +4pcs fully charged battery pack after 50 cycles
10 working days
T8 Forced Discharge Battery Cell Testing Only
Rechargeable Battery Cell:10pcs Initial cycle finished, complete discharged battery cell +10pcs 50 cycle finished fully discharged battery cell
Irrechargeable Battery Cell:10 pcs fully discharged battery cell
10 working days

Work flow
  1. If application goes through Shanghai Chemical Test Lab, on-line web application should be filed prior to testing.  A booking serial no. will be provided when the process is completed.  Samples should be sent to the test lab together with the booking serial no.
  2. Below test procedure is applied assuming that sample pretreatment is conducted to the point that they could directly meet the requirements of each test condition.  The test sample used in category 1~5 can be used to test category 7.  To shorten test lead time, battery pack & cell testing will be conducted simultaneously.  


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